IMDO, Sleep Apnea, Aesthetic Surgery and Jaw Surgery

Welcome to Profilo America. Facial surgery experts.

We are a Specialist Oral, Facial & Maxillofacial Surgery in Puebla, Mexico.

We perform all aspects of Oral, Facial & Maxillofacial Surgery including IMDO™, Jaw Surgery, Facial Implants, Sleep Apnea Surgery & Facial Aesthetic Surgery.


At Profilo° America, our Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are consistently pushing the boundaries in what can be achieved through the integration of expert surgical technique, innovative technology, and outstanding patient care.


IMDO™ is a revolutionary way to fix a small lower jaw and big overbite, with less invasiveness than traditional jaw surgery.

While your facial appearance may be enhanced, the core aim of Jaw Surgery is correcting health & medical issues.

Depending on the severity of your Sleep Apnea, we will provide you with the best options available to you.

Facial Implants for the chin, cheekbones or jawline can bring facial features into greater harmony, enhancing their definition & youthfulness.

An aesthetic surgery that looks for the adequate appearance of your eyelids.

Is a functional and aesthetic procedure that enhances the nasal airway and gives you a natural looking nose.