Jaw Surgery can dramatically improve many aspects of your life.

While your facial appearance may be enhanced, the core aim of Jaw Surgery is correcting health & medical issues.

The line between Jaw Surgery for cosmetic wants & medical necessity is often blurred. Having a small jaw & chin aren’t merely cosmetic, they are likely signs of snoring, sleep apnoea & disturbed chewing function.


BiMax Surgery opens your airway, improving the flow of air through your nose & behind your tongue. This leads to greater exercise tolerance, better sleep patterns, & a reduced severity in snoring & Sleep Apnoea.

Your smile & facial appearance can change substantially, by optimising the amount of teeth you show when talking & smiling, & accentuating the definition of your cheekbones & jawline.

Double Jaw Surgery corrects the relationship between your upper & lower jaws. This balances how your teeth meet when biting & chewing, & minimises the potential for tooth wear & jaw joint problems.


BiMax Double Jaw Surgery involves the surgical repositioning of both your upper & lower jaws, within the same surgical procedure.

BiMax Jaw Surgery correctly aligns your upper and lower jaws in 3 dimensions. The jaw surgery procedure on your upper jaw is called a Lefort 1… & the jaw surgery procedure on your lower jaw is a BSSO

Your teeth may need to be orthodontically aligned before moving your jaws with Double Jaw Surgery. This is done so that your upper teeth & lower teeth mesh together into a balanced bite following surgery.


Lefort 1 Gummy Smile Surgery changes the height of your upper jaw. Lifting your jaw upwards allows us to normalise your tooth & gum display, & establish your ideal facial proportions.

Gummy Smile Surgery improves the flow of air behind your soft palate. This leads to improved breathing & exercise tolerance, as well as better sleeping patterns by diminishing the effects of snoring & Sleep Apnoea.

Your smile & facial appearance can change substantially. “Impacting” your upper jaw creates the ideal display of teeth when you’re talking & smiling, & normalises the vertical proportions of your face.

If you have a pronounced Gummy Smile, you will likely have a small lower jaw & chin. Your lower jaw made need moving to match your upper jaw, & Chin Surgery may optimise your overall facial balance.

Airway obstruction and mouth-breathing are usually associated with a Gummy Smile & Long Face. In fact these are the likely reasons that your face has grown & developed this way.


A small upper jaw gives a sense of collapse in the middle areas of your face. Your chin & lower jaw may seem too big, and your lips may not close naturally.

Lefort 1 Underbite Surgery advances your upper jaw. This will normalise your bite, opens up your airway, & establishes your ideal facial proportions.

This leads to improved breathing & exercise tolerance, as well as better sleeping patterns by diminishing the effects of snoring & Sleep Apnoea.

Lefort 1 Surgery moves your upper jaw to a position that complements your lower jaw. This balances how your teeth meet when chewing & biting, which minimises the potential for tooth wear & jaw joint pain.


If you have a narrow smile or misaligned upper teeth, it’s because your upper jaw is too small. This likely effects your breathing and your quality of sleep.

SARME is a highly effective procedure that widens your upper jaw. This improves your breathing, while also making room for your teeth to be straightened without tooth removal.

Treating this in adults, or teenagers where facial growth is complete, can only be achieved with a combination of orthodontics & surgery.

SARME opens up your nasal airway, improving air flow through your nose & behind your soft palate. This leads to greater exercise tolerance, better sleep patterns, and reduced severity in snoring & Sleep Apnoea.

The increased size of the upper jaw can improve the health & function of your sinuses. Your migraines & headache-like symptoms may be reduced or eliminated entirely following SARME surgery.Your smile & facial aesthetics can change substantially. Increasing the width of your upper jaw produces a broader smile, & accentuates your cheekbone definition by tightening the soft tissues above.

With SARME Surgery, the growth suture in the roof of the mouth is safely recreated. The expansion forces are only applied to the jaw bone, & stable expansion of the upper jaw is made possible.

Treatment times with SARME Surgery are rapid. There is no orthodontic relapse after treatment, no damage to your teeth, & no harm to the essential bone & gum tissue supporting your teeth.


A small lower jaw and chin are not merely a cosmetic issue, but are likely to be a sign of snoring, sleep apnoea and disturbed chewing function.

Lower Jaw Surgery can correct imbalances with your bite, offering you relief of jaw joint pain, eliminate snoring and sleep apnoea, and improve the definition of your jawline.

Advancing your jaw with BSSO Surgery opens your airway, diminishing the effects of snoring & sleep apnoea. You may as a result, experience improvements in your mood, concentration, & exercise tolerance.

Moving your lower jaw into alignment with your upper jaw balances the forces of your biting & chewing, which helps to protect against the potential for damaging tooth wear & jaw joint (TMJ) pain.

Lower Jaw Surgery also addresses aesthetic concerns stemming from your small lower jaw. These may include a weak chin, receding jawline, bucky teeth, bad overbite, sagging neck tissue, or poor lip closure.

BSSO is the classical surgical technique for increasing lower jaw length. There are limits to the advancement that can be achieved with a BSSO. If greater movement is required you may best be treated with IMDO™.


Chin Surgery is generally thought of in terms of appearance. While there are substantial cosmetic gains, this is eclipsed by the health & functional aspects of advancing your chin.

Our refined surgical technique provides superior aesthetic enhancement, whilst also maximising the effects on airway opening.

GenioPaully is a bespoke surgical technique, individually designed for each patient. We produce a delicate chin button for a refined jawline in females, & a broader chin for a strong, masculine jawline in males.

Genioplasty moves the structures of a your chin forward to the ideal anatomical position. A correctly proportioned chin sits in line with the profile of your lower lip, providing balance to your lips, nose & face.

Your chin structures are secured in place with a custom designed titanium plate.

The plate used to stabilise your chin remains in place for a total of 6 months. New jaw bone will form around the position of your chin, & the soft tissues of your chin will settle into their new location.

The titanium plates are removed once all of the structures of your chin have matured. If there are any defects yet to fill in with natural bone, these can be successfully augmented with artificial bone grafting.

And if are any final modifications need to be made to the shape & symmetry of your chin, these can be expertly made with simple bone contouring at the time of your surgical plate removal.