Only looking at your teeth or your smile ignores the complexity of your face. Focusing on your teeth overlooks the aspects of your face that makes you unique.

Crooked teeth and small jaws are not only cosmetic, they’re a likely sign of bite disturbances and airway obstruction. The line between Overbite Surgery for aesthetic wants and medical needs is often blurred.

A bad bite amplifies daily wear and tear of our teeth, and can lead to painful jaw joint conditions. Airway obstruction reduces our ability to exercise, live and stay healthy. It also makes us more likely to snore.

Snoring usually progresses to Sleep Apnea if left untreated. Sleep Apnea increases our risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes as we approach middle age, and is a major factor in reducing life expectancy.

IMDO™ was first designed to treat adolescents in the early to middle teenage years. The procedure is now successfully used in adults of an increasingly broad age range, & for a diversity of medical conditions. IMDO™ offers a significantly greater degree of jaw advancement throuhout a periodo of days.

Unlike the BSSO which purely lengthens the lower jaw, IMDO™ 3-dimensionally increases the width, length & depth of the lower jaw.

The increase in airway opening behind the tongue is more substantial, with greater improvements to breathing maximising the potential to eliminate snoring, sleep apnoea, and sleep-disordered breathing.