IMDO™ is a revolutionary way to fix a small jaw and big overbite, with better outcomes and in less time than traditional orthodontics.

Only looking at your child’s teeth or smile ignores the rest of their face. Focusing on their teeth also forgets about the unique personality and dynamism of your child.

As a parent, it’s a difficult thing to be critical about our children’s faces. Their progression from infancy through adulthood is so gradual, it makes it hard to pick up on something out of the ordinary.

A child´s growing face is part of his identity and personality development. Making unbiased decisions regarding the needs of our children, is all the more difficult when it comes to their appearance.

That very narrow dental focus means everyone may be missing out on the bigger picture, and more important questions. Like, why exactly do they have crooked teeth in the first place?

The solution to your child’s crooked teeth involves more than just wearing braces. It takes a special expertise in how their faces grow, as well as treatment designed around the uniqueness of their face.

Why are teeth crooked?

Teeth crowd because of one simple reason; your jaws have not grown big enough to fit all your teeth. If your child has crowded teeth, it really is because their jaws are too small.

Growing their jaws at the ideal size, which means matching the size of the jaws to the size of all of the teeth, allows impacted teeth to erupt and for crowded teeth to be straightened, which makes further orthodontic treatment short and simple.

Overbite Correction in Teenagers

IMDO  identifies and treats the main origin of the condition, the jaw developmental deficiency,

The driving aim with IMDO™ is making your child’s jaws big enough to fit all their teeth. IMDO™ opens their airway to enhance breathing, sleep and exercise. Healthy sleep patterns promote normal growth and development, helps with emotional stability, and improves concentration and mental acuity. But above all IMDO creates ideal facial profiles, with symetry and balance.