There are several treatments that have been used in patients with overbite problems, snoring and sleeep apnea. These have obtained a poor results in patients in general aspects if this 3 symptoms are related.

The study of the technique that we show you here allows to give a solution to the 3 problems already mentionated through IMDO™, however we belived that if you are reading this the subject will be intersted in knowing the most used techniques, what you can expect from them and how are they related.

– Actual treatments for Overbite. Reed more.

– Actual treatments for Snoring. Reed more.

– Actual treatments for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Reed more.

IMDO™ is a revolutionary way to fix a small lower jaw and big overbite, with less invasiveness than traditional jaw surgery.

While your facial appearance may be enhanced, the core aim of Jaw Surgery is correcting health & medical issues.

We will provide you with the best options available to you. This can range from simple lifestyle changes through to permanent corrections with Jaw Surgery.

An aesthetic surgery that looks for the adequate appearance of your eyelids.

Facial Implants for the chin, cheekbones or jawline can bring facial features into greater harmony, enhancing their definition & youthfulness.

Is a functional and aesthetic procedure that enhances the nasal airway and gives you a natural looking nose.