There are several treatments that have been used in patients with overbite problems, snoring and sleeep apnea. These have obtained a poor results in patients in general aspects if this 3 symptoms are related.

The study of the technique that we show you here allows to give a solution to the 3 problems already mentionated through IMDO™, however we believed that if you are reading this the subject will be interested in knowing the most used techniques, what you can expect from them and how are they related.

Actual treatments for Overbite:




Your facial structure is unique, before strat a treatment, here in Profilo America we can help you to understand each step that will be worked according to your condition, and it will provide you with the information and analysis you need to make an informed decision.

Some of the most common treatments now a days, with low level outcomes or undesirable side effects are CPAP Therapy and Snoring Devices. You can read more about the concept and effectiveness at the links below.

It is highly recommended to respond with an approach of long-term results and no side effects. You can go to the next link to read more about this Sleep Apnea Surgery.